Announcing David Rendall as Keynote Speaker

We’re happy to announce that David Rendall, leadership speaker and executive coach, will be joining us to give two keynote speeches.

Going from nonprofit executive to leadership professor to world traveling speaker, David has over twenty years of leadership experience. In between, he’s fit in some standup comedy and endurance sports. His clients range from Fortune 50 companies like Microsoft and AT&T to governmental organizations.

With a Doctor of Management degree in Organizational Leadership and a Masters in Psychology, David will bring major insights that we can all bring back to our respective agencies.

To find out more about David, visit his website at, where you can watch a couple of his speeches and learn more about his books. Speaking of his books, he’s the author of four:

  • The Four Factors of Effective Leadership
  • The Freak Factor
  • The Freak Factor for Kids
  • Pink Goldfish

david rendall keynote speaker

“Sometimes the opposite of a good thing is another good thing.” – David Rendall

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