Happy to Announce that VIP is Joining as a Sponsor

wordpress vip logo

From WordPress VIP:

VIP clients enjoy a best-in-class managed cloud platform, expert guidance and code review, hands-on support, and a partner network of the best WordPress design and development shops on the planet.

We’ll help your applications run smoothly every day, and plan well ahead for future growth of all kinds – of your user base, of your project’s complexity, and of the technologies of the web itself. Our enterprise support services also include on-site training, consulting on best practices and operations planning, proactive performance monitoring, and much more. It’s a high touch, hands-on partnership.

And with our expert code review, your developers can breathe easy from day one. We review every line of code by hand before it goes up on your site, to ensure your application’s performance, security, and scale. You’ll have full access to members of the WordPress development team to help you with advice, guidance, and problem solving along the way.

Your code is our code. From planning your development resources through migration, launch, iteration, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

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